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#FistFight, #TheGreatWall, and more – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Fist Fight – Review

Fist Fight – Budget of $20 million – 1 hour and 31 minutes

Fist Fight

The students of Roosevelt High couldn’t care less about their school, especially on the last day. They are pulling pranks on everyone and with everything. But when they pull a prank on Mr. Strickland, the history teacher, they go a step too far. He gets furious and pull out a fire ax, using it on a student’s desk. The student says nothing but the other teacher in the room, Mr. Campbell (the English teacher) is a different story. With a pregnant wife (who is 2 days over due), a daughter who depends on him, and teacher cuts, Mr. Campbell wants to keep his job. So, when Principal Tyler says talk or your both fired, Mr. Campbell rats out Mr. Strickland. Mr. Strickland loses his job and blames Mr. Campbell. He decides to have a fist fight and hurt Mr. Campbell for losing his job. Afraid, Mr. Campbell tries to get security, the police, a Mac Book Pro, and meth, to stop the fight that is trending #TeacherFight

A lot of sex jokes, drug jokes, a Big Sean song, and a fight are an good mix. The flat humor of Ice Cube plays well for Mr. Strickland. And the montage of his legend, feels like a recap of his music videos. This is the same debauchery we have seen in 21 Jump Street, but it’s still fun. Now, it was shocking to see the fight really happen … and it was a pretty cool fight. But they gave a reason for it and stood up for teachers. That made the movie fun. So if you want some mindless fun, this is the movie to see, but see it matinee. And remember the movie takes place within 1 school day.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This is gonna be a bad day – Mr. Campbell

Losing here is a tradition – Coach Freddie Coward

Remember, teachers stick together – Mr. Strickland

And get the Apple Care – Neil

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The Great Wall – Review

The Great Wall – Budget of $150 million – 1 hour and 44 minutes

The Great Wall

William and Pero are searching to find the mythical black powder. They have heard that this substance can turn air into fire. During their 6 month search, they lost 20 men and are being chased by bandits. Along with 2 other men, they find refuge in a cave. Out of nowhere an animal attacks. William cuts off one of the limbs, but can’t identify the animal. William and Pero decide to find someone who can. While on the search, they are chased by bandits, but are stopped by a circle of arrows at the Great Wall. They know the bandits will kill them, so they take their chances with the Nameless Order. The Nameless Order knows the animal as the Taoties. Every 60 years, the Taoties swarm and kill everything in their path to feed their queen. The wall was build to slow them down in the hopes of killing them and protecting the world. In order to protect their secret, the Commanders decide to let William and Pero live but never let them leave. William and Pero learn the Nameless Order have black powder and make a plan to escape with it. Until, that is, they see the Nameless Order fight the Taoties in order to save the world. William decides to stay by their side and fight.

While there are many legends about the Great Wall, this movie displays one of them. This is the typical “bad guy goes good for a cause movie”, so nothing new there. It does have some deadpan humor and wonderful costumes, but that’s not enough to carry an entire movie. You leave this film with the sense that something was missing. Even with the CGI monsters and decent CGI fight scenes, this movie was just OK. Nothing really memorable. Wait for RedBox. However if you see it in the theaters, don’t waste money on 3D or IMAX. It’s a complete waste. And be prepared to read the subtitles.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

What God made those things – Pero

Whether or not the cable is attached, that is the question – Commander Lin

Follow my lead. We will be fine – William

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A Cure For Wellness – Review

A Cure For Wellness – Budget of $40 million – 2 hours and 26 minutes

A Cure For Wellness

Lockhart, has gotten a promotion with a corner office, so when he is asked to meet with the board, he is excited. The board, on the other hand, is not. The point out that they have spotted his mistakes and the SEC wants to ask questions. Lockhart knows the SEC doesn’t care about the small fish, they want the CEO, Roland Pembroke. During Pembroke’s vacation at a wellness spa in the Swiss Alps, he wrote the board a letter saying he was never coming back; and that’s not ok with the board. The board wants Lockhart to bring Pembroke back NOW! Once Lockhart gets to the spa, he has come back the next day because he missed visiting hours (by 15 minutes). A pissed off Lockhart leaves, but gets into an car accident on his way to the hotel. He wakes up in the spa with a broken leg. The director, Dr. Heinreich Volmer, tells him it’s best to stay so they can help him get better. He agrees and signs the papers to get treatment. However while at the spa, Lockhart learns the history of the grounds and its owners. He gets more suspicious of the doctor, Hannah (the youngest patient), the sickness, and the cure.

This movie feels like a homage to all suspense movies. With long creepy hallways, rooms without doors, creepy dentist, zombie-like staff, and a mystery liquid, you never know which way is up. There are 3 mysteries to figure out while watching this film. First, where is Roland? Second, what is the cure? Third, what happened to the brother and sister who lived on the property centuries ago. By the end, all will be revealed. However with so many homages, this film is a bit bloated. Solving so many mysteries can cause the watcher gets lost and confused. The film should have spent 15 minutes in the beginning, giving a glimpse into to the past. This film may not become a blockbuster, but it will become a cult classic with many theories to come. And just a warning, there are somethings in this movie you will never be able to un-see. If you have a strong stomach, see it matinee.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

How could I? You know how I like my coffee – Lockhart

Believe me. You are in good hands – Dr. Heinreich Volmer

I am not well – Roland Pembroke

No one leaves – Hannah

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#BritneyEverAfter, #LoveAtFirstGlance, and More – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Britney Ever After – Review

Britney Ever After – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Britney Ever After

Britney Spears was a girl from Louisiana set to go on her first tour and tour bus as an opening act for ‘NSync. She was instructed by her mom and manager to keep her boyfriend, Reggie, a secret for her image and brand. Britney is riding high on her success and loves being on tour with her friends. However, she makes a love connection with Justin Timberlake. With love in her heart, he helps her get through the hard times of her parents fighting and her dad’s drinking. But when they are both on tour, they question each other fidelity and their relationship falls apart. She tries to go on, but is still hurt. She reaches out to Justin when her parents divorce but gets nowhere. She then has a string of failed marriages, 2 children, and an epic breakdown … all in front of the camera.

Sigh. If they don’t let you use the artist music, it’s a bad movie. The actors did what they could but nothing could save it. The actress does a great job getting Britney’s iconic voice but the story is lacking … everything. This biopic can be skipped and you will learn nothing from it. It’s based on nothing but tabloids and rumors. Watch The New Edition Story instead. This movie is a waste of time for you, the actors, and Lifetime.

I give it 0 out of 5 stars

Someone who loves me because I am Britney Jean, not Britney Spears – Britney

If it’s nobody’s business in the first place, it’s not really lying – Simone

I wasn’t talking to you – Jamie

I’m dreaming about boys but saving myself for Jesus – Larry

Their both adults, you’re not responsible – Justin

I think we need to humor this guy, Jamie. If he is willing to let me in, then we should play ball – Lynne

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Love At First Glance – Review

Love At First Glance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love At First Glance

Mary has a safe and comfortable life; but she tries to push for more in her job by pitching ideas to her boss,  Wally, and her boss’s boss, Mr. Chambers, of potential stories she can write for the magazine.  After another rejection, she meets her boyfriend, Carl, for dinner.  Carl breaks up with Mary because he wants more excitement and suggests she move out of the building they share.  Sadden, Mary rides the train home and eats cheesecake.  While eating she sees a stranger on the train and he helps her from a distance.  When he leaves, she notices he left his phone.  She decides to find him and return it; but … of course … after she looks through his pictures.  She sees that he is adventurous and decides to write about him.  The stranger, James, text Mary and gives her permission to do the story while he is in Paris until Valentine’s Day.  So she goes through his contacts and interviews them about James.  This one assignment will change her life and his forever and ever.

This is a well written story about loving your life but striving for something new.  Often stories about finding yourself have you hate yourself in the beginning, but this movie has Mary expand not destroy her old life.  Learning about how James has affected the lives of others, slowly makes Mary more outgoing, stronger, funnier, and more compassionate.  Just a few seconds of a wordless encounter has changed everything for Mary and James.  These stories about James and his life will inspire you and open your heart.  The only downfall is the lag.  The story does have a very slow pace at times, but hang in there.  And yes … you can guess the ending, but DVR for the journey.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You interviewed squirrels? – Mr. Chambers

Well at least he knows who I am – Mary

I think we’re going to get that to go, thanks – Carl

Predictably wonderful – Victor

Go for it – James

It just seems to me in your happily ever after, you lose – Mom

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While You Were Dating – Review

While You Were Dating – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

While You Were Dating

Nick and Julia divorced years ago after their marriage couldn’t withstand the distance of Julia’s job. However, both are in a big shock. Nick and Julia, have been conversing over a photo sharing site but have not exchanged pictures of themselves. When they make a date, at a friend’s restaurant, they attempt to leave. But their friend “encourages” them to stay and eat. During dinner, Nick tells Julia he knows a guy for her and wants to set up a date. But Julia will only agree if she can set Nick up too. Both dates go horribly for different reasons. Their family and friends hope they will get back together, but when Julia’s ex, Dylan, comes back & Nick starts dating Elsa, there relationship seems lost forever.

Weeeelllll. It’s cute … predicable … but cute. This movie has been done before. Nothing is really original. The actors even seem uninspired by the writing. The jokes are flat, the subplot is forgettable, and you don’t really connect to the characters. Hallmark has done better with less. This one can be skipped unless you have 2 hours you want to kill … and have nothing better to do.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I’m afraid I’m in the girlfriend zone – Nick

He had an opening and he didn’t take it – Julia

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An Uncommon Grace – Review

An Uncommon Grace – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

An Uncommon Grace

Levi comes home to see the front lawn in disarray.  He runs inside to find his step father, Abraham, dead and his pregnant mother, Claire, clinging to life.  Since they are Amish, he rides on a horse to Elizabeth’s home.  Levi knows Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Grace, is a military medic.  Grace makes it in time to save Claire and her unborn baby.  Once Grace is home, she learns more about Levi’s family from her grandmother and her sister, Becky.   Claire’s sister was shunned because she married an outsider and they have not spoken in 10 years.   Claire becomes more curious about the family, the murder, and Levi; and starts to visit more.  With a killer on the loose, strange things start happening to Grace: footprints are found on her property, items are missing, the shed is constantly left open, and her sister is constantly disappearing.  And things go to bad to worst quickly for Levi and Grace. Grace is forced out of the small Amish community by the Bishop and his daughter, Zillah.  Levi is told he will be shunned if he doesn’t marry Zillah.  With so many distractions, can Levi and Grace work together, find the murder, and each other.  Or will Levi stay with his community and marry Zillah, while Grace re-enlist and go back to war.

Get ready to get whiplash from all the misdirects.  Just when you think you have a handle on who did it, another clue comes into play.  You cannot miss a second or you will be lost.  DVR and watch twice if you can.  And the shade from Zillah is one for the record books.  You will love to hate her.  Now, it does feels like the love story was a bit rushed, but it’s for the sake of a good wrap up.  More emphasis was put on the mystery than the love story … and that’s a beautiful thing.   With less lighting and a cheating husband, this could have been a Lifetime movie.  However, HMM hit a home run with this mystery.  So, get some wine, sit back, and keep notes.  Did you figure out the killer?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s good to have family in these times – Levi

I just think I never really felt a connection – Grace

Do you ever get scared – Becky

Do you think I am afraid to stay alone in my own home, Grace – Elizabeth

I can have anyone in our church. Any man would be happy to be with me – Zillah

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Deadly Ex – Review

Deadly Ex – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Deadly Ex

Gary meets his ex girlfriend, Valerie, at a high school reunion and spark up a conversation about family, career, and frustrations. Gary is worried his wife, Jess, will ask for a divorce when he gets home, Valerie offers to “comfort” him. Days later, Valerie sends sexy pictures to Gary, but he turns her down to work on his marriage. Big Mistake! Valerie sends gifts to Gary’s daughter, Carissa, and text his son, Zach, about their relationship. Also, Valerie leaves hints for Jess to find in order to break up their marriage. Valerie is willing to do anything, to anyone, at any cost to get Gary.

The watcher may get confused because this story is not told in a linear fashion. It goes from now, to 5 days earlier, to the reunion, to 4 days earlier, etc. So pay attention to what each person is wearing to keep up with the timeline. The timeline is choppy in order to add mystery to Valerie and Gary’s first encounter at the reunion. You may be able to guess the end, but not the lengths Valorie will take to keep her man. And don’t worry about the texting scenes, they are voiced over, so you can look away. This is a great background movie. So DVR and watch at your convenience.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s not a threat – Valerie

When you want something, nothing stops you from going after it – Gary

What don’t you want me to see – Jess

I think this is going to be a bright future for both of us – Walt

Are you screwing around on mom – Zach

What do you think I think it is – Carissa

Winner takes all – Valerie

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A Dash of Love – Review

A Dash of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Dash of Love

Nikki is a hardworking cook, but she is having a tough time finding a new job because she didn’t go to culinary school. Her best friend, Ang, suggest Nikki swings by her job for a drink and some support. While tasting the cassoulet at Ang’s job, Nikki meets Paul. She tells Paul that the cassoulet is bland and the executive chef should be fired; but she doesn’t know that Paul is the executive chef. Paul is upset but never tells Nikki his job title. Later, Nikki meets the restaurant’s owner, Holly. Holly is a famous chef that Nikki idolizes. Nikki overhears that Holly needs an assistant (although Nikki didn’t understand that was office work not cooking work) and offers to do the job. One night while working, Nikki is locked in, sets off the alarm, and starts to cook a meal. Holly sees Nikki (after checking on the alarm) and tries her cooking. Secretly, Holly loves Nikki’s food, but tells her it’s amateur and allows Nikki to cook at night when everyone is gone. But what Nikki doesn’t know: Holly is covertly filming her and taking notes. After Nikki and Paul get caught eating dinner together to at Holly’s restaurant, Holly fires them both. Nikki is so devastated, she forgot her purse and sneaks in the next day to get it. It’s then Nikki sees Holly’s new menu with her recipes. Nikki is furious and must get her recipes back, but Holly will do anything to keep them.

This movie is like a lot of recipes, you have to let it simmer to enjoy it. It’s a slow build to a cute movie. While the romance takes a back seat, Nikki is fun to watch. He has traits like you or someone you know (clean when she is upset or rambling when she is nervous). You want her to succeed and have a satisfying conclusion. This is a good movie to have in the background, but don’t cancel plans. DVR and watch when you need a feel-good movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Not too late to take it – Gus

I’m a cook, not a chef – Nikki

Tips are fine, there is just not just enough of them – Ang

Something that pairs with frustration – Paul

Well I am desperate – Holly

I’m all ears – Henry

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#Glory – Review – #ThrowbackThursday

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Glory – Budget of $18 million – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart

While fighting in the Civil War, Robert Shaw wrote letters to his parents detailing his time in fighting. Once he came home, his father, along with Frederick Douglas, believed the war could only be won if they trained free slaves to fight and Shaw should lead them. Shaw accepts and when his friend, Thomas (a free man), hears of the news, he is the first to enlist. On the day of enlistment, Shaw is shocked by the number of men who sign up. 600 to be exact. Shaw views on the “colored” soldiers change everyday. He sees how hard they train and how they keep their spirits up while relaxing. He knows this comes from generations backbreaking work and unimaginable pain. Shaw know that his men are ready for war, but those around him don’t believe they are strong enough. They use the regiment for manual labor and lotting. Shaw is disgusted with their lack of supplies, unfair pay, and unfair treatment. Shaw starts a cold war agains the Union leaders to prove this soldiers are just as good as white soldiers.  With some threats of exposure, his troops are off to battle.  Not for themselves, but for America.

This story should not be forgotten. It’s real life, first person accounts are now historical documents. Knowing that these men are capable, but are only used as cattle, in a war meant to free them, is disgusting. But all pain, albeit hard to watch, is a necessary evil. These men paved the way for all soldiers of color. But Trip, who is wonderful flawed, understood the end game. No matter who won, “colored” soldiers would not win. They were hated by the south and disliked by the some of the north. It is great to see Forbes, Robert, and the other commanders grow in respect and resolve for the soldiers. Roberts and Forbes demanded their respect and fair treatment, even though they could lose their lives in the process.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

We fight for men and women whose poetry is not yet written – Robert

You all right there Captain – Mr. Rawlins

We will offer pride and dignity to those who have know only degradation – Frederick Douglas

Well you’re an idiot – Major Forbes

Than I am your first volunteer – Thomas

I run for president, I ain’t win though – Trip

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#FiftyShadesDarker, #JohnWick, and more- Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Fifty Shades Darker – Review

Fifty Shades Darker – Budget of $55 million – 1 hour and 58 minutes

Fifty Shades Darker

Christian Grey’s nightmares are back and he needs Ana presence in his bed to give him peace. He sends flowers to get her back, but no response. So he shows up at José’s art showcase. Ana is surprised, to say the least, but agrees to go to dinner. Ana decides to take Christian back, but with no rules and no punishments. Just a normal relationship with some BDSM. The two find their rhythm until Ana feels like Christian is using money to control her. She doesn’t want to be a bird in a gilded cage. So Christian makes a compromise … he gives her a key and she will move in; and then he will ease up on her life. Ana is taken back by how fast the relationship is going, but starts to pack her things. As she is getting something, Leila, Christian’s ex submissive, is in Ana’s living room with a gun. Before this tale is over, there will be a gunshot, a plane crash, and a kick to the groin.

Saying it’s better than the first is not a hard leap. The screen writer had to pick up a lot of slack from Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s obvious that he read all the books. Important characters, left out of the first movie, were added to this one. It makes the movie a little choppy, but fans of the novels will be able to understand. Others, maybe a little confused. And to the readers, don’t worry, your favorite scenes are there. However, the therapist and goddess are out. If you are a fan of the books or the 1st movie, see it matinee. And stay past the 1st end crawl for a sneak peak.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Tell that douchebag brother of mine to take a day off – Elliot

Qué? Qué? You’re kidding – José

It’s ok. I’m nobody – Leila

You know, they didn’t time my bathroom breaks. You should get your money back – Ana

Hey, I am not the enemy – Elena

Gee, you are just as bad as he is – Mia

Don’t come – Christian

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John Wick: Chapter 2 – Review

John Wick: Chapter 2 – Budget of $40 million – 2 hours and 2 minutes

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick completes one last task from his first mission, then buries his tools.  He plans on retiring until he gets a knock at the door from Santino D’Antonio. Santino heard of John’s rampage and believes he is out of retirement. Then Santino reminds John of a blood oath he took to do any job and any time. John quickly says no and pays a price. The manager of the Continental, Winston, reminds John that blood oaths must be done. So, John goes back to see Santino and learn that Santino wants his sister killed. His sister, Gianna, was willed a seat on a crime enterprise board; and Santino wants it. John is disgusted by the idea, but heads to Rome. And this is the first 20 minutes and the domino that starts it all. John Wick’s one man rampage will be international, bloody, and funny.

DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE. It is much better than the first without deviating from it. This movie starts by answering a question in John Wick that you forgot to ask. You will see John prepare for his mission by going to the tailor, having a tasting, and then getting a little desert. Although he did not make dinner reservations, the body count was much higher. You will see how this man became a Boogeyman Myth and a Pencil Legend. It is worth full price and even seeing twice. See it now!!!! And there will be a Chapter 3.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Alright. It’ll be ready Christmas … 2030 – Aurelio

Gas Leak? – Jimmy

Rules. Without them we live with the animals – Winston

I’m sorry to hear that – Cassian

Consider it a professional courtesy – John Wick

No one sneaks up on me any more … thanks to you – The Bowery King

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I Am Not Your Negro – Review

I Am Not Your Negro – Budget of $300k – 1 hour and 35 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, and iTunes
I Am Not Your Negro
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, and iTunes

James Baldwin can back to the US, via France, because of what he saw going on during the civil rights movement. He felt he could be silent any longer. He rights a letter to his literary agent about a book he is writing called “Remember This House”. The book will focus on his 3 friends: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evans. All 3 were killed within a 5 years of each other, but all had a lasting impact on Baldwin. After their deaths, Baldwin spoke to the widow and their children, and started his book. After completing 30 pages, Baldwin died. Baldwin speaks his truth about the NAACP, the Black Pather Party, the Nation of Islam, and race in America within chapters:

  1. Paying My Dues
  2. Heroes
  3. Witness
  4. Purity
  5. Selling the Negro
  6. I Am Not a N****r

Although he writes about these men, the manuscript becomes an autobiography that will truly leave an impression.

Based on the book, Remember This House, this movie blends news clips, movies, and music with the beauty and grace of a painter. Mr. Baldwin’s words are not just heard, but felt to the core. It should not be considered a Black American film, because it is truly an American film about the American experience and culture.  And that is what Baldwin wanted, not to demonize, but educate. Baldwin’s words can have an impact on the world today, if we choose to listen. If only Baldwin could have finished, but his words will live on. Go see it today and asked that it be shown in schools with a true discussion.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

They made legends out of a massacre – James Baldwin

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The LEGO Batman Movie – Review

The LEGO Batman Movie – Budget 0f $80 million – 1 hour and 54 minutes

The LEGO Batman Movie

Bruce “Batman” Wayne is the toast of the town, but his butler, Alfred, makes one thing clear: He is a prisoner to his own fear – Being part of a family. Batman makes it clear that he can do anything on his own and he doesn’t do “ships” (i.e. friendships, relationships, etc). This fact hurts everyone around him. It hurts Barbara Gordon because she wants to work with Batman to create a better Gotham. It hurts Richard “Robin” Grayson, who was accidentally adopted by Bruce. And, of course, Alfred, who had been a pseudo-parent for years. But the person hurt the most by Batman … Joker. Joker wants Batman to acknowledge him has his greatest enemy and solidify their relationship. Batman refuses. Joker loses and hatches a plan. While at a party (retirement party for Jim Gordon and introduction of new commissioner Barbara Gordon), Joker and all of Gotham’s worst criminals surrender. Barbara and Batman know there is more to Joker’s surrender and both want to catch him. Batman will need to open his heart and work with others to defeat the Joker.

Great movie about teamwork and creating your own family. It has a strong message for kids while slipping in jokes for children. The movie makes fun of all the Batman movies, Suicide Squad, and Jerry Maguire. Lego fans will enjoy dreaming of the LEGO sets to come. With everything great about the movie, at times it does drag. Some of the jokes will make you laugh but only internally, like typing LOL. It’s a good movie, not better than the first, but better that some life action Batman movies. No need to stay past the end credits. So if you want to see it in IMAX, Dolby, or 3D, see it matinee. Otherwise, pay full price

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m your new co-pilot and I always come to work with a smile – Joker

When playing roulette, always bet on black – Batman

You mean nothing to me, no one does – Batman

Mr. Wayne are you in the market to adopt a child – Robin

It’s time for operation take out the laundry – Harley Quinn

Riddle me this … What happened? – Riddler

It takes a village, not a Batman – Barbara Gordon

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#FromStraightAsToXXX and #WalkingTheDog – TV Review

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Table of Reviews

From Straight A’s To XXX – Review

From Straight A’s To XXX – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

From Straight A's To XXX

Miriam, a conservative Christian raised high school student, gets wonderful news of her acceptance to Duke University. Her family is ecstatic for her, but tries to hide their concern when they notice her financial aid is low. Miriam isn’t concern until her dad is redeployed to Afghanistan. They tell her not to worry and they will figure it out. However, while at school, her mom calls her and tells her they can’t pay. She goes to the financial aid office and they say her parents make too much to offer financial help. Miriam is hellbent not to take out loans that will leave her in debt forever. She jokingly mentions to Jolie, her roommate, she could become a porn star, but looks for campus jobs. She does the math and realizes a campus job is not enough for tuition, so she looks for porn applications. She fills one out online as Belle Knox and gets a call within hours from a fetish website. It was an experience that leaves her crying in the bathroom. Once she gets back to campus, she does research and learns this website is notorious for abusing new stars. However, with that research, she gets the name of a manager, Don. This manager decides to represent her and she is making $1200 for an hours work. Miriam is happy but she knows this job can’t be a secret for long. Even with a support system, Miriam is a guppy in shark infested waters at work and in school. And once the bubble burst, Miriam is in for a fight.

This movie, inspired by a true story, starts as a cautionary tale about the porn industry; and them becomes a tale of bullying and harassment; and then changes back to the industry. It’s hard to pinpoint what lesson, if any, they are trying to teach. While the character is flawed and naive, she continues to debate why she is doing what she wants and no one should judge. You might agree with her argument until you remember she was on her high school debate team. With cameo appearances from Peirs Morgan, The View, The Young Turks, and Huffington Post, you consistently hear her argument for the industry. The watcher will either want to hug her (for the ongoing harassment) or smack her (for being so naive). In the end, she is a girl trying to be liked who can give a good speech. DVR and watch on your time, preferably without youngsters around.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

When you put your studies first and you are willing to work hard, good things happen – Harcharan

I don’t want you to worry about this. These things have a way of working themselves out – Dr. Kevin

I did everything I was suppose to do all the time – Miriam

Some people are thinkers. Some people are listeners. I’m a talker – Jolie

Mir whats wrong? I can hear it in your voice – Paul

City, we got a new angel – Don

Turn me into belle – Miriam

This is your chance to tell your side. Don’t you want to make lemonade – Amanda

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Walking The Dog – Review

Walking The Dog – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Walking The Dog

Christy Simmons, a lawyer, visit her boyfriend, Bill, at his vet practice. It’s then that she meets a pup, Gidget, who needs a foster home. She is quickly smitten by the dog and offers to take the pup home. The next day, she takes Gidget for a walk and Gidget finds Simon, a dog. Christy greets Keith (Simon’s owner) and they talk. They agree to have a play date for the dogs in the future. Later, while in court, Christy meets the opposition’s lawyer – Keith. She wants to write him off, but their dogs keep finding each other. Christy decides to convince Keith to see things her way, so he will negotiate a deal that is better for her town. Keith, tempted by her strength, is falling for Christy wants to know more about her. But with a boyfriend, her friend, broken hearts, and an enemy, the two will have challenges that may stop them from starting a relationship.

This is a background noise movie. You can turn your head, walk away, check your email, or do anything else; and you won’t miss anything special. This movie maybe cute, but not worth canceling plans or setting the DVR. Just catch it when you can. The actors do the best they can, but the script is average and slow. Hallmark has, can, and will do better.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

Nope, I don’t fall in love anymore – Christy

I got as many good surprises as I do bad puns – Keith

Wow, sweet talker – Delia

Wow, and here I thought you only went all out for Christmas and Halloween – Bill

Everyone comes here, everyday – Mrs. Simmons

I thought that might get your attention – Laura

Since when does Christy Simmons dance – Jeff

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#ThisIsLoving and #DreamWorksTrolls – Reviews Repost – In Stores Now!!!

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Table of Reviews

Loving – Review

Loving – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart

Sitting on a porch in Virginia, Mildred “String Bean” Jeter tells her boyfriend, Richard “Rich” Loving, she is pregnant. Absolutely elated by the news, Richard decides to marry Mildred, buy an acre of land, and build a house for them. Knowing it was illegal for them to get married in Virginia, they went to Washington, DC and came back to Virginia. They hung their marriage license over their bed. One night, based on an anonymous tip, the Sheriff came to their home hoping to catch them having sex, they found them sleeping. They were both put in jail. Rich stayed overnight and given bail, but Mildred was kept for days until the judge could hear her case. Also, Rich was not allowed to bail her out. Rich obtained a lawyer who told them to plead guilty, so they could avoid prison. With the plea, they got a 1 year suspended sentence and could not return to VA together for 25 years. They moved to DC, but it as a far cry from the country life they knew. Once Mildred was ready to give birth, she decided she wanted Rich’s mom to be the midwife. So in the dark of night, they traveled back to VA. After they baby, Sidney, was born, the Sheriff showed up on their doorstep to arrest them. With legal interference they were able to avoid jail, but told to leave VA again. Richard can see that Mildred is deeply sadden by city life and misses her family. But when an accident strikes, moving back to VA is the only option. Their choice will affect the entire United States.

This wonderful story is told with the quiet of the country in contrast to the busyness of the city. The Lovings didn’t set out to be a trial blazing couple, they just wanted to raise their children in VA without going to prison. Even though they had to fight the state, their friends and family were on their side. The world was not out to stop them, most were for their marriage. The two actors easily displayed the soft spoken nature of Mildred and Richard. They just loved each other and lived up to their surname. Remember, you may lose the small battles but you can win the big war. This true romance story is a great date movie. See it today and bring a tissue.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m pregnant – Mildred Loving

This won’t happen a second time – Frank

All this talk about civil rights, you need to get your civil rights – Mrs. Laurie

What you mean, I always drive like that – Raymond

You just got born in the wrong place, that’s all – Sheriff

One, two … a lot – Richard

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Trolls – Review

Trolls – Budget of $120 million – 1 hour and 33 minutes

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, Target (Exclusive Set), and Walmart (Exclusive Set)
DreamWorks Trolls
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, Target (Exclusive Set), and Walmart (Exclusive Set)

Annually, in Bergentown, the Bergens get together to eat trolls. The Bergens believe that eating trolls is the only way they can ever be truly happy. Then on the day young Prince Gristle will get his first taste of troll, the trolls escape. King Peppy saves his daughter, Princess Poppy, and all the other trolls; and they live in peace for 20 years. Then Princess Poppy decides to throw an annual bash to celebrate their freedom, but Branch (party pooper troll) warns them that all the dancing and singing will lead to the Bergens finding them. During the party, Branch’s warning comes true. A handful of trolls are kidnapped by the Bergen Chef while other trolls hide. With a “burn returned” threat, Branch decides to help Princess Poppy get the kidnapped trolls before they can be eaten by the Bergens. They will make unbelievable allies and wild enemies on a true hair raising adventure.

This movie will be loved by parents and kids alike. This is a fun story with an even more impressive sound track (Trolls Soundtrack). It has all the twist and turn of a live action movie with a message only an animated film can deliver. You will dance in your seat, laugh out loud, and question yourself about your own happiness. And keep your eyes open for Cinderella and E.T. shoutouts in this movie. This is worth 3D but be prepared to feel like you are covered in glitter. Stay past the 1st end crawl for a satisfying ending, but no need to stay past the 2nd end crawl.  DreamWorks has put together another beautifully crafted movie

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

When I say no troll left behind, I mean no troll left behind – King Peppy

I’m positive all of you are going to get eaten – Branch

Solid burn returned – Princess Poppy

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#HighSchoolLover, #MadibaBET, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

High School Lover – Review

High School Lover – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

High School Lover

Kelly is a free spirit teen and loves spending time with her friends, Allison and Larry. She doesn’t get along with her step mother, Sam, but loves her dad, Rick. One day, Allison gets access to an exclusive party for the “Box Brothers”; and tells Kelly and Larry to come. At the party, Kelly catches the eye of Christian Booth, a famous actor. He quickly approaches her and ask her for her number. She is smitten and obliges. Christian wants to know everything about her and send time with her, but runs into an obstacle when she is grounded for 2 weeks. Kelly sneaks out and goes for a helicopter ride that is captured forever. But when Kelly’s step-mother warns her father about Christian, Rick puts the breaks on Kelly’s relationship. Christian agrees to Rick, but ask Kelly to sneak out again. With love on the brain, Kelly doesn’t heed the warnings or the signals for a love that is sure to turn.

This movie is a mix of 50 Shades of Grey and the first Mother May I Sleep with Danger. Franco does a good job of playing a strong protective, albeit slightly clueless, dad. And the women aren’t completely weak, if not naive, to Christian. If you are a Lifetimer, you will see the hints of who Christian will become, but it’s still fun to watch. You can’t be distracted while watching, because some of the dialog is in text. So if you can’t give this movie your full attention, don’t bother or you will be lost. The best parts of this movie are the confrontations. Your mouth will be left open. Don’t cancel plans but DVR or On-Demand it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Can you not call him dad. Just because you’re young enough to be his daughter, doesn’t mean you have to act like it – Kelly

I look super good today, so I want you to keep up – Allison

For someone who doesn’t like me very much, you sure do like my taste in clothing – Samantha

I mean, I’m not a quitter – Larry

I don’t like it either – Christian

This could nice. A little father-daughter bonding time – Rick

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Madiba – Review

Madiba – BET – 6 hours and 0 minutes (2 hours over 3 nights)

Madiba BET

Part 1

Born with the first name Rolihlahla, a young Nelson Mandela learned adversity, strength, and change after his father died. On his deathbed, his father requested that he live with another family to receive a good education.  In his first day of school, his teacher said he needed a Christian name; and chose to call him Nelson. Later, Nelson used his education to attend law school and fled an arranged marriage to do something to help his people. He and his brother, Justice, went to Johannesburg and learned the only jobs for them were in the coal mines. But one day, the injustice he saw inflicted on another miner changed the course of his life forever.

This 1st part of a three part series will leave you stunned. This part focuses on his childhood and his time in the ANC before having to flee. Seeing his passion for justice while working with a system, which didn’t want to work with him is powerful. He is strengthen by those around him and hopes to get fearful people to stand up. Nelson “Madiba” Mandela is one force that will not be moved, bent, or broken. It’s hard to watch this movie and not draw a parallel to the things going on in today’s society. It’s easy to forget how much South Africa has been through and how far it has to go. While the cinematography and costume designs are amazing, the accents phase in and out at times. This can be distraction in the movie.

I’m a man – Madiba

I suppose that’s it then – Justice

As I walked among the dead bodies, I knew there was no turning back – Madiba

The people want to see change.  They want action – Winnie

I think this is going to take a bit of adjustment – Oliver

There is the cause and there is family. Your duty is to both – Walter

God bless the Republic of South Africa– Dr. H.F. Verwoerd

Part 2

After Madiba runs, he is hiding from safe house to safe house. He knows he can’t keep running forever, so he must fight. However, he makes a bold and risky move by changing one of the core values of the ANC: non-violence to violence. After watching peaceful protestors get shot, Madiba tells them to start a bombing campaign. It’s not long before Madiba and his associates are captured and put on trial. They are charged with treason and other crimes. For the crimes they are charged, they are given the possibility of the death penalty. With the help of his wife, Winnie, he makes a statement in court that cannot be ignored. Once the trial is over, Madiba and his associates are sentence to life. Once in prison, he his given the highest security ward with the least amount of privileges. But even behind bars, the strength the ANC will move on, but at what cost?

This part of the 3 part series is a look into the mind of those behind the scenes. Verwoerd and Nelson both understood the ripple effect of what they were doing. Not just the immediate impact but the overall outcome for years. Verwoerd wants to stop Madiba, but doesn’t want to make him a martyr. Madiba wants to fight against apartheid, but doesn’t want to lose his purpose or family. Both know they have to create a stronghold of supporters to continue success. This is the part you will believe you know … but you are wrong.

What ever else he is doing, he makes us look foolish … worst incompetent – Dr. H.F. Verwoerd

You say violence begets violence. But in South Africa, non violence begets violence – Walter

You are not the only one in this family who believes in this struggle. I want to fight too – Winnie

I will no longer hide from this. We have to face it head on – Madiba

Part 3

After 18 years in prison, South Africa is still going through horrific struggles between Black South Africans and the Government. During the Soweto Uprising, several children are killed by police officers as they attempted to protest learning Afrikaan. After seeing tragic violence, Winnie doesn’t feel content just organizing protest. She wants to lead the fight and speak up. This has some in the ANC worried that she cannot be controlled or contained. Madiba, on the other hand, is worried about her safety and blames himself for everything she is going through. The government resolve is starting to weaken due the “Free Nelson Mandela” movement, Winnie’s speeches, and financial pressures. This will not be an easy change and Madiba will have to work with a pragmatic man to get it done.

The news clips of protest, burials, and change drives this movie home. The final installment of the series focuses on what lead to Madiba’s freedom and change for all South Africans – black and white. Also, this movie doesn’t end with Madiba getting out of jail. It discusses the changes in Madiba and his wife, Winnie, as they try to adjust to freedom and continuing the fight. Madiba and Winnie know more work is needed. Never give up the fight!

I am off to work but I am with you in spirit – Winnie

To understand one’s opponent is a good thing – Madiba

Black consciousness leads to black power – Steve Biko

Ruth wouldn’t let you get away with talking about Winnie like that – Oliver

Don’t worry about the tea Winnie. Don’t get up. I will let myself out – Walter

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Stage Fright – Review

Stage Fright – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Stage Fright

Sarah, a soprano opera singer, had a nervous breakdown after being attached by a crazed fan with a knife.  It is believed that her stalker is dead, but no body was ever found.  She cannot perform on stage and has nightmares within nightmares about the attacker.  But when a rival opera singer backs out of a charity performance, Mark (Sarah’s old manager), asks Sarah to perform.  At first Sarah says no, but she is persuaded to come back to the stage.  Once that decision is made, Sarah gets creepy phone calls, gifts with no sender, and a few dead bodies. Sarah must convince the police, her therapist, and her manager that she is being stalked again.

Bring a pillow.  This movie is not a mystery because you know the killer within the first 10 minutes.  You will be annoyed with the main characters lack of security and surrounding awareness when she seems to be terrified of everything.  Its easy to lose interest because the story is nothing new: dumb cops, absentminded friends and family, and “let’s investigate the creepy noise in the dark corner”.  This movie feels like deja’vu and it can be skipped.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

I don’t want to be afraid – Sarah

Ok manager, but then I want out of there and it’s gonna cost you lunch – Melissa

She’s a tough cookie but I think she’ll come around – Mark

That doesn’t look good – Ryan

Yeah, unless you want to get inside – Hailey

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Love Locks – Review

Love Locks – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Locks

Lindsay and Jack’s time together was coming to an end, so they decided to put a Love Lock on a bridge in Paris to cement their bond and vow to meet again in a few months. But the lock falls in the water and their relationship is doomed. 20 years later, Lindsay’s daughter, Alexa, was accepted to an art school in Paris; and they go to get her registered and moved in. To deal with the stress of a big career decision and empty nest syndrome, Lindsay goes to the hotel’s bar for a drink. Guess who is the bartender? That’s right, Jack. The two are shocked, at first, but believe Lindsay’s old and Alexa’s new art teacher, Hugo, set it up. The two know there is a connection but Lindsay is trying to hide it. Will there Love Lock get a second chance?

This movies is about 3 different Love Locks:

  1. Lindsay’s with Jack’s or Trent (the new love interest)
  2. Alexa and JP, who just met in Paris
  3. Hugo and Kathryn, who re-connect after Kathryn’s husband dies

While each story nicely weaves into and influences each other, the story is slow and doesn’t captivate the watcher. You know how it will end, the jokes are average, and the main couple isn’t interesting to watch. This movie can be skipped or used as background noise. Note: If you have an Amazon Echo or Dot, this movie will turn it on a few times.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t you have something to do – Lindsay

Oh yeah, that too – Trent

Throw in something sexy – Maggie

Just because you were right about the tooth fairy, doesn’t mean you’re right about this – Alexa

Well, I’m like a fine wine – Hugo

If you want extra towels, I’m your guy – Jack

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